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Positive Input Ventilation Can Solve Allergens, Damp & Condensation

PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

Eliminate condensation and improve your indoor air quality overnight

Do you have problems with condensation in your Brompton Northallerton home or business? Or are you concerned about indoor air pollution? 

A positive input ventilation (PIV) system will improve ventilation, bringing in a constant flow of fresh air that pushes humid and stale air out.

This ventilation will remove the moisture that contributes to condensation in your loft, damp, and black mould, as well as air pollutants such as particle matter and VOCs.


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PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

How does PIV work?

Positive input ventilation (PIV) is an innovative low-energy system that uses positive air pressure to improve indoor air quality and eliminate mould growth and condensation issues.

A filtration unit is placed in your loft space (there are wall-mounted alternatives if you don't have a loft). This unit draws in a constant flow of fresh filtered air. The air is then pushed out of a distribution diffuser placed on the ceiling beneath.

The fresh filtered air dilutes and then displaces the air already in the home. This creates positive air pressure inside the home that forces the stale air out through natural leakage points, such as windows, doors and other small holes.

The constantly moving filtered air means that stale, humid air is always being removed from the building before it can start causing any problems.

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The health benefits of a PIV unit

A positive input ventilation system can improve your health and reduce your risk of a variety of diseases.

Damp health problems

The NHS advises that living in a damp home can lead to health problems, some of which can be quite serious.

These illnesses are related to our body's responses to mould growth and spores and include:

  • respiratory illnesses and infections
  • asthma
  • allergy sufferers can have reactions such as skin rashes, eye and throat irritation, and breathing issues
  • a weakened immune system

How PIV systems can help

A positive input ventilation system removes humid air from your home, preventing condensation, damp, and mould growth.

Air quality health problems

Indoor air pollution can be a problem for many people. One of the main causes of indoor air pollution is particulate matter. These are tiny particles in the air that can include dust, soot, and dirt.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are another source of indoor air pollution. These are gases that can be emitted from a wide variety of household materials, such as:

  • paints
  • paint strippers
  • aerosol sprays
  • cleansers and disinfectants
  • moth repellents
  • air fresheners
  • pesticides

High levels of VOCs and particulate matter can cause a variety of health problems, including:

  • eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • headaches, nausea, loss of coordination
  • potential increased risk of some cancers
  • liver, kidney, and nervous system damage
  • allergic reactions to dust mite allergens

How PIV systems can help

PIV systems elicit whole-house ventilation. Stale air is constantly removed from the home and replaced with fresh filtered air. This means that air pollutants are removed before they can cause health problems.

PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers
PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

How PIV unit installation can improve your Brompton Northallerton home

A positive input ventilation unit can help you to maintain your home. High levels of condensation, damp, and mould look unsightly due to damp patches and discolouration, and they can also create a musty smell throughout the property. 

You might notice wallpaper peeling, paint bubbling, and other aesthetic problems. More seriously, however, if left untreated, damp can start to cause structural problems. 

Moisture can corrode and degrade the construction materials of any building, including timber, brick, steel, and stone. Mould growth can also work its way into these materials, causing them to fail.

How PIV systems can help

A PIV system prevents condensation and damp by constantly replacing humid air with fresh filtered air. The water vapour is removed from the home before it can settle on cold surfaces and condense. This will prevent damp and mould problems that could damage your property.

Positive input ventilation (PIV) system versus mechanical ventilation

There are other types of ventilation systems available, such as mechanical ventilation systems. However, a PIV system has a range of benefits that make it a more attractive option for many homeowners.

Less costly to install

A PIV installation requires very little renovation work. The filtration unit is installed in your loft with the distribution diffuser on the ceiling below. There is no need to rip out walls to install complex duct runs.

With a mechanical ventilation system, you will usually need quite extensive renovations.

This is why a PIV unit is the perfect solution for existing homes. It adds enough ventilation to remove condensation and improve indoor air quality without the disruption and expense of installing a full mechanical ventilation system.

Heat retention

Will a PIV unit make your home colder? It might seem that way at first glance because cold air from the outside is constantly being pumped inside. Mechanical ventilation systems have heat recovery technology, which can make them the more attractive option at first glance. But PIV systems are also able to improve or maintain your heat retention. 

Hot air rises so the air in your loft will be warmer than the rest of the house. Because a PIV system moves down through the rest of your home, it can make the house warmer. In some cases, however, the air inside will become colder once a positive input ventilation unit is installed.

This is especially the case if you don't have a loft so need the PIV unit installed on an exterior wall. 

In these cases, you can choose a system that is designed to combat heat loss. These generally come in two forms:

  • PIV units with built-in heaters - these heat the air as it is filtered through, ensuring that the home stays warm
  • Smart PIV units - these have instruments that measure the temperature and moisture content of the air. When the air inside is drier and colder, they pump in less air from outside

More energy efficient

Positive input ventilation systems are a low-energy way of ventilating your home. Compared to a mechanical ventilation system, which has running costs of around 10p a day, a PIV system will use 1p - 2p.

Lower maintenance

A PIV system requires very little maintenance to keep it running. You can essentially get it installed and then forget about it. And if something does go wrong, it won't require a lot of labour to fix.

PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers
PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

PIV installation basics

A PIV installation in Brompton Northallerton from Damp Hero guarantees quality. With decades of professional experience under our belts and a deep knowledge of how a PIV unit works, we apply our experience to every installation.

Here's what to expect

Step 1 - book a consultation

You can book a consultation using our online form or by contacting our Brompton Northallerton team by phone. One of our helpful teams will get back to you to get everything set up.

Step 2 - assessment

Our experienced Brompton Northallerton PIV installers will visit your home to conduct an assessment. This will include figuring out the best possible placement for the PIV unit to ensure that it fully ventilates the entire property.

They will also discuss with you the best PIV type for your needs and can advise you on anything you aren't sure about.

Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a clear and comprehensive quote for how much the work plus the PIV unit will cost.

Step 4 - PIV system installation

Our qualified team of technicians will visit your property to install the PIV system.

  • Location choice - a PIV unit is usually installed in a loft space and the area needs to be free of debris and well-ventilated for the system to work properly.
  • Installing the unit - the PIV unit is usually secured to a ceiling joist or rafters. A duct is run through the ceiling.
  • Installing the distribution diffuser - this is installed in the ceiling below the unit and the duct is attached to it.
  • Connecting to electrical wiring - a wire can either be run from the unit to an electrical outlet or can be connected directly to the electrical system.
  • Testing - once the PIV system is installed, our technicians will conduct in-depth testing to ensure it is working effectively and safely.

PIV system installation in Brompton Northallerton and building regulations

Condensation, damp, and indoor air quality are common problems in the UK. Because of this, there are tight building regulations surrounding ventilation and air quality improvements.

Building Regulations Approved Document F covers the rules surrounding ventilation. It recommends a mixture of whole-house ventilation and purge ventilation. PIV systems are part of the first category.

Within the documentation, a positive input ventilation system comes under "alternative methods" for whole home ventilation and is approved under Approved Document F if they can prove that they meet the standards. This is usually achieved with certification (e.g. a BBA certificate).

Including other methods such as extractor fans and trickle vents can help the property meet ventilation building regulations.

If you want to discuss including a positive input ventilation system as part of your approved new-build ventilation plan, you can contact us. Our qualified and experienced team are on hand to help.

Can I install a PIV system myself?

You can certainly buy a PIV system online if you want to. But this doesn't mean that it's a good idea to attempt a DIY install. Using qualified and experienced PIV installers will guarantee the safety and effectiveness of your PIV system.

A PIV system runs off your electricity and any time a new piece of equipment is connected to your electrical system, it is much safer for a professional to handle the task.

Determining the ideal PIV placement is a skill gained from training and experience. If the placement isn't ideal then the delicate positive air pressure movement that drives the ventilation won't work properly and the system won't ventilate your home as it should.

PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers
PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

PIV installation and renting out your home

If you are a landlord in Brompton Northallerton, you have a responsibility to provide your tenants with suitable housing that is "fit for human habitation". Frequent condensation and mould issues can mean that you fall foul of this responsibility.,

Working with your tenants is important because lifestyle behaviours have a big part to play in condensation.

By installing a PIV system, you can ensure that you are meeting ventilation requirements from your end.

If you want to discuss how a PIV system can make homes more comfortable for your tenants, get in touch with us today. Our expert team is on hand to discuss your options with you.

Why you should choose Damp Hero for your PIV installation

We are trusted professionals in the ventilation field. Our team of experts are highly trained and qualified in ventilation so you can be certain that your PIV system is installed safely and that it will be effective.

At Damp Hero in Brompton Northallerton, we are passionate about creating solutions to improve people's homes. Whether you are concerned about damp and condensation or indoor air quality, we can provide a PIV system that will protect your home and your health.

PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers
PIV Installation Brompton Northallerton PIV Installers

Book your PIV installer today

Getting in touch with us is easy. Just fill on our online contact form and one of our team will get back to you. Or you can phone us directly. Our helpful team is on hand to get the PIV installation process started and we will be there with you every step of the way.

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frequently asked questions

Are PIV units noisy?

A PIV unit uses a fan to drive its ventilation. This fan can create a humming sound and on older models, this could be relatively noisy. Noise is much less of a problem with newer models as they have been modified to reduce the noise levels of the fan.

Can I have a PIV unit installed if I don't have access to a loft?

The most convenient and effective place for a PIV unit is a loft. But if you don't have access to one or live in a flat, there are other options. Most of the time, this will involve installing the unit on an exterior wall. Our team will ensure that the placement will give you the best ventilation possible.

How much does a PIV unit cost to run?

On average, you can expect low running costs from your PIV system. The total cost is usually between 1p and 2p a day. If you need a PIV system with a heater, this can increase the energy that is used as well as the cost. This increase can be offset, however, by needing to use the central heating less.

How much does it cost to install a positive input ventilation system?

The cost of installing your PIV system will vary depending on several factors. Different types of units with varying functions will be priced at different levels. The complexity of the installation and how long it will take will also factor into the final price. Our team will give you a quote once they have conducted an assessment and can determine the type of installation required.

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